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School Governors.

Chair: Mr Barry Jones, 2 Uwch Menai, Saron *

Clerk: Ms C.W.Thomas, Ysgol Felinwnda.

Members of the Governing Body:

Miss C W Thomas, Ysgol Felinwnda.

Mrs Elen Jones, Gwern, Saron.

Mr Neil Wynne Thomas, Ysgol Felinwnda.

*Ms Alison Jones-Humphries 

*Mrs Sioned Griffith-Jones

Mr Aeron Jones, Bethesda Bach

Mr T. Ellis, Hen Gastell

Mrs Bethan Davies, Ysgol Felinwnda

Dyddiadau cyfarfodydd 2015-16: 19/10/15, 7/12/15, 1/2/16, 21/3/16, 24/5/16, 4/7/16

The Schools Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 (The Act) removed the requirement for school governing bodies to hold an annual meeting with parents.  Instead, new arrangements were introduced to enable parents to request up to 3 meetings in any school year with a governing body, on matters which are of concern to them. A copy of the procedures involved with requesting a governors meeting is available at the school.

(Parents have representatives on the governing body, which is designated by a *)

Complaints Procedure

The LEA, in compliance with the requirements, under Section 29 of the 2002 Education Act, has established a procedure to consider complaints as to how school governing bodies and the Education Authority act as regards school curriculum and other associated matters. This procedure is outlined in an appropriate document in Welsh and English that is available at the school. A copy is provided free of charge, as and when required, to any parents wishing to lodge a complaint under these arrangements, and the LEA can provide a copy in a language other than Welsh and English, if required. Three step generic implementation methods The governing body on the recommendation of the Welsh Assembly Government implements three steps as follows: Step 1 – a complaint is lodged with the first recipient within the school (and he/she finds a solution). Step 2 – the matter is referred to the headteacher to investigate, decide upon and resolve Step 3 – the matter is referred to the governing body (addressed to the chairperson) to investigate, decide and resolve (The Governing Body will expect the previous two steps to have been taken prior to the complaint being formally lodged)

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