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Newyddion Ysgol Felinwnda

Urdd Arts and Crafts 

Congratulations to everyone who competed  in the Arts and Crafts competitions this year. There has been a great success in the District:

3D 2 years and under: Rhys Humphreys (1st)

Years 5 & 6 3D: Leah Jones (2nd) Gethin Humphreys (3rd)

3D 2 years and under: Group Aoife and Breiffne (2nd)

3 & 4 years collage: Martha Griffith (3rd)

5 & ​​6 years collage: Glesni Humphreys (1st)

Photo on the PC 2 years and under: Jack Jones (2nd)

Photo on the computer years 3& 4: Tamsin Williams (3rd)

Photo on the PC years 5 & 6: Gethin Humpreys (1st)

Computer graphics and photo yr 3 & 4: Josh Humphreys (2nd)

Years 3 & 4 color photograph: Tamsin Williams (3rd)

Years 5 & 6 color photograph: Glesni Humphreys (3rd)

5 & ​​6 years jewelery: Leah Jones (2nd) Glesni Humphreys (3rd)

Congratulations to Rhys Humphreys and Glesni Humphreys succeed in the County competition and then to Rhys for going on to the big Eisteddfod in Flint!!


Well this year the school had a very successful Urdd Eisteddfod. We saw a sea of ​​red sweat shirts from Felinwnda during the day with a large number having success on stage in the afternoon and here is the list of winners:

Jack Griffith-Jones: second reciting 2 years and under

Anest Jones: first solo years 5 & 6

Leah Jones: second solo for years 5 & 6

Glesni Humphreys: third solo years 5 & 6

Gethin Humphreys: second 5 & 6 years for reciting

Anest Jones: third year 5 & 6 for reciting

Anest Jones: second cerdd dant

Anest Jones: first on the "clocsio" dance.

Well done to everyone who represented the school and the coaches Auntie Ellen and Mrs Davies for giving their time.

St. David's Day

Tuesday, March 1 gave the children an opportunity to dress to celebrate St David's day. The children were busy making artwork home as part of the St David's school competition. They were busy producing St David's day cards, takinf photographs, designing pictures on the computer and creating collages. Awards ceremony was held in the afternoon to reward the winners. In addition to this there was a delicious lunch of Welsh lamb been provided by anti Wendy in the kitchen at lunchtime.

World Book Day

There has been great fun this year to celebrate the day of the book and everyone made an effort to dress up as their favorite character in a book to come to school. In addition to this there was a special service, book hunt and author's quiz during the day.

PC Dylan

PC Dylan Pritchard came into the school last month. The children had an interesting conversation on bullying, and the younger children enjoyed a talk about rules.


Tag Show Language Charter

Children from years five and six had the opportunity to go to the Tennis Centre in Caernarfon to enjoy Rimbojam etc. Everyone joined in with the singing and had a very enjoyable afternoon!!


Do not Touch Tell

As part of the school's personal and social education program all pupils had a chanceto see this show focused on the dangers and risks of medicines with the younger children and drug and substance abuse with the older ones.


We are currently busy working on Art projects with Miss Thomas for the eisteddfod. We also are practicing singing with Auntie Ellen and reciting with Miss Thomas and Mrs Davies. Thanks to everyone who helped us.

Recycling Clothes Bin

Remember to bring your old clothes etc in the bin next to the Ganolfan. A good way to reuse clothes and fundraising for the school. We have raised a substantial sum for the school during the past few years by doing this campaign. Thanks everyone !!


The children took part live in Radio Cymru's program Tommo on Tuesday, December 15.

Christmas Rap

Once again this year Ede Holden came to the school to create a Christmas Rap. A clip of it can be seen on the school Facebook page.

Urdd Disco

The annual Urdd Christmas disco was held after school until 5 o'clock on Tuesday, December 15th. 

Christmas Concert

As usual we held two concerts. One on Thursday, December 17th at 2 o'clock at the Ganolfan. The second concert held on Friday, December 18th at 6 o'clock also at the Ganolfan. 

Hwyl Yr Wyl

The children  performed at Hwyl Yr Wyl arranged by the Ganolfan comittee members on Thursday, December 17 at 6:30p.m 

Christmas Party

Father Christmas came to see the children at the party held in the school kitchen on Monday, December 21 at 2:30p.m

Christmas Lunch

The Chritmas lunch was prepared by anty Wendy on Tuesday, December 22. 


Gwynedd Language Charter

Leah and Gethin from year six went to Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen to receive a Gwynedd's Language Charter silver certificate on behalf of the scool. Onwards towards the Gold now!!

Children In Need

Well done everyone, the pupils raised £90 towards Children In Need by wearing fancy dress and selling cupcakes.


Tuesday, November the third the children enjoyed some games with Iwan and Guro from the Urdd. To see the photographs follow the link: http://www.urdd.cymru/cy/event/ysgol-felinwnda

School council

The school council has been set up for another year with Gethin as chairman, secretaries areTamsin and Martha and Leah is treasurer. The council runs a breakfast cafe  every Tuesday and Thursday morning to raise money to buy equipment and resources. They work well as a team and the cafe is well run.


The children and staff had training from Glenda Jones and Martin Lewis from HWB+. As a school we are confident that we will use the technology to enhance education in this school and to promote a close home school partnership. The plans are to hold an evening to raise parents' awareness of this new technology.

Instrumental lessons

This year one girl has violin lessons with Mrs GlenysJones on a weekly basis and one girl has a horn lesson with Mr. Dylan Williams. Everyone is having fun.

Clwb ar ol ysgol/Urdd

Almost every pupil has joined the Urdd again this year and we meet every Tuesday after school. This term MissThomas' class are cooking and Mr Thomas' class play various sporting activities.


As part of the school PSE program PC Dylan has visited the school to discuss personal safety and smoking. Everyone enjoyed the discussion.

Nepal Appeal

Friday, May 15 the childrendecided  to wear their own clothes to raise money for the people of Nepal following the earthquake. We raised £90 for the appeal and this will be sent to Nepal via Ysgol OM Edwards Bala. Ysgol O.M.Edwards has links with Sonrisa Children's Home and Jaleshwary School in Nepal. As a school we are glad to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Bingo Evening

Bingo night was held successfully by the PTA on Friday, May 8. Although the bad weather, a good crowdcame to the Ganolfan and raised £260 for school funds.

Urdd Eisteddfod

The school had a lot of sucsess in the Dyffryn Nantlle Urdd Eisteddfod on Saturday, February 28:

  •  Cai Jones (year 6)  first at folk sining, first for solo singing, second at reciting and third at playing the piano
  • Anest Jones (year 4) second at cerdd dant solo and third at reciting.
  • Neli Rhys (year 2) third at cerdd dant solo
  • Elis Jones (year 1) third at reciting

In the county eisteddfod in Bangor on Saturday, March 14 Cai got third for folk sining and first at solo singing. Pob lwc i ti Cai rwan yn Nghaerffili!!!!

Sucsess came to the school in the Arts and Crafts Eisteddfod as well!!:

  • Grwp model 3D year 5&6: first
  • Grwp picture 2D year 3&4: first
  • Grwp model 3D year 2 ac younger: first
  • Fabric work year 5&6 Meia Jones: first
  • 2D picture year 5&6 Cai Jones: third
  • 2D picture year 3&4 Martha Dafydd: second
  • 2D picture year 2 and younger Neli Rhys: third

Year 3&4 group work gor second plac at the county competition. Da iawn bawb!!!

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